Unable to post on Platform Feedback

I think my account may have fallen through the cracks since the September 2020 freeze on moving to “Regular” membership. If you check out my account you will see a long history, numerous posts/replies/etc, that should qualify for “Regular”

I am unable to post in Platform Feedback, and I have found a couple of bugs, one of which is pretty important and I’ll post here hoping someone with the authority can move it to the correct place.

Website Bug: Cannot receive Roblox messages from Followers after enabling the option in Privacy

This is an issue since the website is not behaving as described in the settings, and I would very much like to open my message inbox to my Followers to interact with my game’s players.

You have not even 1 topic in #platform-feedback, that is how you earned it (going through post approval), having a bit of activity, as well as having a minimal/outdated moderation history.

Where did you get this from? Nobody knows those requirements if there are any, so you can’t just say any activity is enough.

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Like I mentioned, I do not have the ability to post in #platform-feedback
The add button is greyed out

And it does not show up in the category list when going to create a new topic

You are TL1 or a member, you need to be a regular, try PMing DevRel, or sending your post through roblox support, both are alternatives for members.

That is intended, only regular+ can create topics there. If you need to report a bug use roblox.com/support

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Ah, thank you I did not know about this avenue.

This is where I read about the requirements for being a Regular Member, I was lead there by following the Platform About post How to level up on the Roblox Developer Forum

None of the options on this Submission page seem to be related to Website issues - they all seem to be personal technical issues users may face.

I’m pretty sure this is a Website bug affecting all users, where their Followers cannot message them when they have the option enabled. I’ll still send it in via /support but I really think this should be posted in #platform-feedback

Bug reports sent to support will be forwarded to the appropriate teams. The bug report option seems to be more general.

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