Unable to publish place. Defective union?

Im struggling to upload this place of mine. Iv tried several different places but i keep receiving this error.
So…? Any solutions?
My union is this, its made out of multiple unions and parts and is not a singular union.


It looks like you are trying to upload too many unions. Maybe you could try and reduce the amount of unions you have or try and reduce the triangle count. As unions have a 5000 triangle count limit. Here is a section from the wiki that may help you:

Solid Modeling Limitations

  • There is a limit to how many parts can be generated. If a union operation would result in a part with more than 5000 triangles, it will fail and Studio will alert you to the error in the Output window.

Yes but will it not show that error while im performing the union? Does it have to show that error while im publishing?.

That’s when making the union though, OP asks for why his place won’t publish.