Unable to reply to private messages: TooManyRequests

I am unable to send a reply to any private message on Roblox.

When did this issue start happening?
I don’t know, I almost never use the private message feature. The first time I had it is today (09/28/2020) at 03:00PM UTC.

Where and when is this issue?
At the private messages feature. It happens every single time when I try to send a reply. Sending new messages also doesn’t work.

Device info

Footage of the issue
Video, click here

Video, click here


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


It’s actually kind of ironic. This “TooManyRequests” means that Roblox thinks your IP is a proxy/web server trying to make malicious requests. Exploiters are not poor and therefore have quality proxies that will bypass ASN Blocks by Roblox and as a result real people using VPNs or on a falsely marked networks are blocked from sending messages to users.


I did not know that, im not that advanced at networking. :joy:

Yeah, the same thing happened with one of the user endpoints that ultimately got its block removed because the group admin page ceased to function for a while. If you make a request from a web server, you can actually see that it gives “TooManyRequests” after a single request, and if you run the code on your computer it will work. I personally think these blocks are pointless and only stop legit use cases as most things on Roblox do. Exploiters are very knowledgeable of ways to get around these blocks, and I believe Roblox should at least add a proper system for actual developers to use bots instead of leaving us in the dust trying to fight the exploiters.


Thank you for submitting this report. We are currently reviewing all bug reports to ensure we have not overlooked any ongoing issues. Since this issue was reported over two years ago, can you please confirm you are still experiencing the problem? If so, please respond to this thread, and we will investigate. If we do not receive any response within 30 days, we will consider this matter resolved. Thank you.