Unable to Update Group Plugins

Every attempt to update a script published under my group has failed
At first there was no error message(blank string) and later today I recieved:
HTTP 403 (Forbidden) x2 for each attempt

Repro Steps
  1. Publish Plugin under my group from studio.
    – it uploaded fine.
  2. Update the plugin from studio
    – Fails every time (dozen or more attempts over the course of 12hrs)
    – Output is: HTTP 403 (Forbidden) (x2)

Tested repro on plugin2
Received same failure.

I tried it with my account with plugin3

  • it worked as expected.
  • upload and update both successful

Studio Version: 0. 397. 0. 329146 (64bit)

OS: Window 10 Home
Version: 1903
OS build: 18362.267

First noticed on 8/14 at approx 8:40 AM CST
No prior attempts (successful or otherwise).
Last attempt was at time of post.

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Thanks for the report! I’ll look into this.