Unable To Upload Audio

Sorry for not making this a bug report, but the site won’t let me for whatever reason.

For about a week now, whenever I try uploading an audio, when it finishes uploading it just brings me back to the audio upload page and says upload successful. I have waited like 20 minutes, and kept refreshing the page but my audio does not appear, even in studio.

I have only managed to upload 2 audios since this has happened, out of the around 6 i have tried uploading, and for whatever reason the 2 I managed to upload were moderated and content deleted and I can’t even use them.

Any information would help. Thanks!

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PS: You dont just straight up make a bug report, you have to DM all the info to a user which for the life of me I dont know their name. Just so ya know

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Check your inventory

Just uploaded 5 songs, it seems to work now, but they don’t appear in the creator dashboard for like 2 hours.

Also I am uploading it for a group experience, they do not appear in my inventory.