Unable to upload .ogg file

I am trying to upload a .ogg file with a size of 1.4mb and length of 1:15. Upon hitting “Upload for 100 R$”, the audio is not uploaded, and the message “You can’t upload that type of content!” is returned.
I tried cutting the audio length to 0:45, making a file size of 791kb - didn’t work either. Just recently, I’ve been able to upload another .ogg with almost 2:00 length.

Ask for the file if you need it.

There is an issue with uploading .ogg files.
They’re busy working on it. But it’s soon_tm.

Maybe try converting it to mp3?

I would rather avoid that, seeing as MP3 files have a small silenced part at the start because of some header in the file. Guess I’ll be needed to upload it as MP3 for the time being, however.