Unable to use MessagingService at all

EDIT: Figured it out, it doesn’t work in studio (which isn’t stated anywhere unless I’m blind)
PS Publishing the game doesn’t fix it either
EDIT 2: Works on Test/Local Server, thanks @BanTech!

It states it in the output in orange text when you make the API call.

No it doesn’t…?

My apologies. When it was disabled in studio you used to get an orange message. Now it has been enabled you no longer get this message. This is very recent as only a few days ago it was disabled.

MessagingService works fine in studio as shown here:

Were you using a Test Server? I imagine it probably doesn’t work in Play Solo, or perhaps you were on the Client instead of the Server (you can switch once playing in the Test tab)?

It’s working fine for me in Studio now, ever since the orange message I mentioned was removed.

So I had to do it on a test server?..ohh