Unanchored parts don't fall or move at all

so whenever i insert a part in roblox (unanchored) and play, the part doesn’t move, it stays locked into place

what do I do

Does it have any possible connection with other parts (welds, etc.)? Is it supposed to fall (nothing underneath)? Are you sure it’s anchored? Can you send a full video for reproduction?

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everything in workspace gets “anchored” (it doesnt show that its anchored) and no welds are used

It happens to me from time to time, I think it’s because there are a lot of unanchored parts in the game. Or it’s because something is performance-intensive for the game, and it doesn’t have time to calculate the physics.

How big a game and how many unanchored Parts? If you have too many on a low end device there may be so much lag that the Parts don’t move.

You weren’t very clear when describing it, so I’ll ask to get a clearer answer. When you test play the game and you look at each stuck Part’s Properties do they show Anchored true or Anchored false? Look to see if any children have been added to the Parts like welds or something else that have been inserted into them?

Do you have any weld scripts in your game? Try searching the term “Script” in your Explorer window to see if there are any scripts there that you didn’t put in the game. Do it when in Studio and then in Studio Test mode so you can check for any differences.

If you do have extra scripts it sounds like you may have a malicious one that came from a free model or a plugin that someone has copied and posted with the intent of wrecking other players games.

Also just try to make sure there aren’t any auto anchor plugins or welds. :+1: