Unbanning a player banned with ds2

Hey, so I’m using Datastore2 and I want to unban a player I banned. Now, I read that you have to use the players instance to do stuff with ds2, but I really still wish to keep using ds2.
So here’s my idea, and I wish to ask if it would work.
When I use unban, it saves the player to a normal Roblox Datastore, and when a player joins, it checks if they are there, and if they are there then it removes the ban from the ds2.
Is this a good idea? Are there any risks associated with this?

Hello DS2 stores the items in the normal roblox datastore under the key (DataStoreName… “/” … userId)
so you could just edit the values directly and removed the value that bans the user.

Still it is not recomanded to do this but I see this as the only solution to dealing with bans or offline players