Undeprecate Model:GetModelCFrame() or make Model:GetPrimaryPartCFrame return the model's exact CFrame if no primary part exists

Why undeprecate this function?

It provides a very important function when replacing models in your game that might be too old to have a primary part - or maybe you never set it up with one to begin with. After running some tests with the function, I’ve determined that it does not return unreliable results as it states on the Devhub, because it returns the exact origin point of the model.

For example, say you have this model:

Lets assume I didn’t make it with a PrimaryPart. Without a PrimaryPart, I cannot replace every model within my game to a new and updated version without manually replacing each model.

However, using Model:GetModelCFrame, I can create a PrimaryPart at this model’s exact origin point, thus allowing me to move the new copy to the place of the old copy.

GetPrimaryPartCFrame() is useless unless you have a PrimaryPart (obviously) so Model:GetModelCFrame() is still a very useful function that should be undeprecated, or, GetPrimaryPartCFrame() should return the model’s exact position along with a warning stating that the model lacks a primary part.