Under The Stars Umbrella

Hello, my name is Sirehns and I have made another UGC concept! :star: :crescent_moon:

Under The Stars Umbrella
Verts: 991
Tris: 1578
This concept was inspired by an a piece of art made by fresh_bobatae on Instagram: Login β€’ Instagram

To see all my other UGC concepts, I have a link to a twitter moments: https://twitter.com/sirehns_/status/1286446806826717184?s=20

Any feedback is very much appreciated!


Nice concept, details on the model look really good!

Not something I would buy or use but I can tell you put a lot of work into it.

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This is beautiful! I love how it could totally match up with some other items on the catalog. Have you considered making UGC items that were all related around the same concept, i.e stars? It would be neat to have a whole set.


This is very cool it looks like as the stars are falling from clouds very nice.

Really like this concept. It’s definitely very unique

I really do like this, the style is very nice and fun. I like the little constellations in the umbrella, very good work :blush:

i did think about that! Currently I’m working on some recolours of the umbrella!