Understanding the parts of an animated model

This is more of an open-ended question but thought I would ask it anyway. I am trying to create a mermaid with an animated tail and the accompanying body animations. I have started by looking at stuff in the Toolbox and came across this model.

My question is, what am I able to do with the model in its current state? I have been playing around with it just to get an understanding, and see it has bones already, and comes with a folder of “Initial Poses”. With the model in its current state, what can I do with it? Is there a way for me to integrate it into a player and use the provided poses to take care of animations, or is this an incomplete model which will need proper animation work and other additions to make it work in game.

To summarise, I have a mermaid tail model which I would like to make work. I am not sure how to go about implementing it into the player, or if it can even be done as is. While I write this I am getting the feeling that it doesn’t seem like a clear question… if someone has any idea what I am talking about, any help would be appreciated.

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I would recommend creating your own Tail and messing with different forms of attachments to achieve your goal.

Using an outsource tail will eventually cause you issues; as it may not be formatted to be animated.