"Unexpected symbol" in client-sided CoreScripts

I’m trying to use Roblox studio but I get these errors

18:31:34.439 - Script Context.ServerStarterScript:1: unexpected symbol
18:31:34.440 - Script Context.StarterScript:1: unexpected symbol

Then, once I hit play this happens

18:36:57.422 - Script Context.ServerStarterScript:1: unexpected symbol
18:36:57.423 - Script Context.StarterScript:1: unexpected symbol
18:36:58.402 - Players.xEraGamer.PlayerScripts.CameraScript:1: unexpected symbol
18:36:58.404 - Players.xEraGamer.PlayerScripts.ControlScript:1: unexpected symbol
18:36:58.555 - Workspace.xEraGamer.Sound.LocalSound:1: unexpected symbol
18:36:58.556 - Workspace.xEraGamer.Sound:1: unexpected symbol

The camera can not be moved. I assume this is a bug on my own PC?

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Re-installing seemed to fix the problem.

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