About Us

Hi there! UNexus Clothing is a subsidiary of UNexus Studios, a game development team owned by me. UNexus Clothing currently has one sole designer, me, but we are looking for more people.

The Team

@sepro1144 - CEO and Head of Designq

You can see our current clothing here (there isn’t much until we get designers) - https://www.roblox.com/groups/5283982/UNexus-Clothing#!/about

About The Jobs

We are currently allowing you to fill one of 3 positions, and are only hiring 3 designers at the moment (until we start getting sales)
Basic Designer - Expected to upload at least 3x/week, at a rate of R$200 per upload
Advanced Designer - Expected to upload at least 6x/week, at a rate of R$400 per upload
Intern - This role is solely to expand your design skills, you will be paid as we have the funds for it, and can upload up to 3x a week (to make sure you spend some time on designs)

We will need at least 2 designs by each role (not including interns, I’ll work with them separately) done by Tuesday, November 26th, If you can do more do so.


I will be keeping track of your uploads on a google doc, which you can see when wanted. You will start earning from your designs the second we start selling (I will be using around 1k of my own robux to advertise the group upon putting up some designs)

Contact Us

DevForum - @sepro1144
Discord - Dan_XD1#6964
Twitter - https://Twitter.com/sepro1144

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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