[Unification] Alliance Requirements

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Alliance Requirements

’Our Moment’

"To stand against corruption, we seek unification."

:black_small_square:[List of Requirements]:black_small_square:

  • It is recommended that your group is above 50 members, however, if your activity is above 10+ at events then we might consider it. Now if your group is above 50 members then we expect 12+ activity at the very least.
  • Your group must be completely original, no copy-cats.
  • Your reputation must not be at the lowest of the low.
  • Must have a decent HICOM structure with active HR’s.
  • The logo must be appropriate and unique.
  • It is recommended to have a place for defenses to be held, a training center, and a rally/gathering hall. However, it is not required.
  • Have a representative or the leader himself/herself join the [Unification] discord. Take note, all members of that group are welcome to join [Unifications]'s discord.
  • You are willing to assist clans associated with [Unification] during desperate times. Example: Assisting in defenses, open-sourcing technology (optional, we provide some already), and so on.

Signed by the following:

  • TheCelvestian, Venerius of Celvestia, Uniter of [Unification].

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