Unified Marketplace Fee for Dev Products and Game Passes

Hey developers,

There’s currently a 90% marketplace fee on Robux earned from selling game passes and developer products if you don’t have Premium. If you do have Premium, that marketplace fee goes down to 30%.

This is no longer the case as of today!

Going forward, the fee for all developer products and game passes is 30%, regardless of whether or not you have Premium. This is part of our effort to make developing and building a business on Roblox accessible to as many developers as possible.

This change is live now!

The Roblox Team


That’s great! A little surreal to see the 90% fee rate finally removed!

This should also make the switch from Premium to non-Premium status and vice versa much less jarring for developers. They won’t accidentally miss out on a lot of game income if they don’t notice that they lost their Premium status, and it makes any problems that pop up while switching between Premium subscriptions less impactful.


This update is amazing. Glad to see the ROBLOX site become more accessible than ever.

Will there be similar updates in the feature, in relation to how dev products and game passes work? Such as being able to organize the order of your gamepasses.
Currently you can’t choose what order your gamepasses are listed in. I would like to this feature!

What will happen to premium though? A lot of its features were targeted towards developers (groups, places, assets, …). Will we see a decline in this in the future? And rather see an interest in other fields?


I’m so grateful for the amount of resources I’m given for free. This will be a great addition to that list!!

I sometimes do scripting commission, or would need a friend to donate some lego-bux, I would always get hit hard if someone told me they wanted to pay via a t-shirt or gamepass rather than group funds.
This will change that significantly!!


Brilliant progress towards making development more accessible for all. Bravo Roblox, all we need now is DevEx for non-Premium hopefully one day in the future! :pray::pray: :pray:


I think this is a great update that you are lowering it for non premium members. However, I believe it should lower to like 10% for example for premium owners as It was promised as one of our benefits to have a lower marketplace fee than non-premium members.


This specifically mentions Dev Products and Game Passes, is this not applied across the board (VIP servers, for example)?


Roblox developers: complain about having to buy premium for reduced rates
Also Roblox developers: complain about not having to buy premium anymore for reduced rates

To the people saying this is unfair to Premium users: You’re still getting exactly what you paid for. Premium users still have 30% rates. Just because they’re doing something nice for free users doesn’t mean you’re “getting scammed.” If you don’t like it, just stop paying for Premium? It’s really that simple.


This is so great. I am so happy this change came to roblox. This might be better than the 3x premium payout thing!


THANK YOU! This change is very useful to me as it was very fustrating to have to get someone else who had Premium, or find out I lost out on revenue because I didn’t have premium when an item was purchased!


This excites me for the future for sure.
Thanks Roblox!


Christ, this is perhaps the most superb update the website has ever gotten in its entire existence.


This is an amazing change and will surely help many developers get off to a good start! But won’t this lead to more scam games as it would be even more profitable now? Regardless, I love this and it should help everyone out!


Wow, very nice !! I’ve wanted this for a very long time because I don’t always want to buy premium. Now I can earn Robux without having to worry about the marketplace fee. I hope, that many more developers are now earning enough Robux to support themselves financially or even get to do this as their job.


This is a great and much needed change that actually freely allows aspiring developers to sell and create products without having to pay for a premium service. Thank you! :pray:


This is a wonderful change for Roblox!

However, we should have a smaller fee for Premium during these times, I am not really a game developer to sell stuff, but I know developers can really benefit from a better Premium percentage! It would encourage people to buy Premium more too.

Here comes the money for more people!jdrfklc

But okay, great change!


Does this change also apply to paid access games?

For anyone wondering (no idea why you’d be browsing this thread at this point). This feature was just added!


i have premium and im STILL SUPER HAPPY that his got removed. great job, non premium users :grin:


Thank you to the Roblox team for making this happen. I know fees have been a very controversial issue in the past but it’s nice to see a common ground coming through here. I hope we can keep working together at this in the future!


Amazing update! ROBLOX is no longer really “freemium” anymore, where you were required to have BC to become a true developer on the platform.

Fantastic update! Thanks for making ROBLOX more accessible than ever to new developers!


Wow! This is a incredible change to Roblox! I believe that you have just helped many Roblox Players jumpstart their careers because they will start to earn more Robux and be able to advertise and such. Are we expecting any other changes such as to who is allowed to make shirts or group ownership or premium users having a lower fee so we have more of a reason to get premium? Anyhow, keep up the great work Roblox!