Unintentional Robux Payouts Incident Report


Two weeks ago, we ran a migration for a new feature which unintentionally paid out Robux as “Promoted Page Conversion Revenue”. However, there was an issue during the migration which included erroneous payments as successful, granting more Robux than were owed to users and groups. The majority of the mistakenly granted Robux went to a small number of the developers affected.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused over the past few weeks. We hold our relationship with our developers to the highest standard and are working to ensure that instances like this do not occur going forward. Roblox thanks you for your diligence and reports submitted about this issue.


11/15/2018: We began receiving reports from developers about receiving unprecedented amounts of Robux from “Promoted Page Conversion Revenue”. We began investigating the issue:

  • We thought this may be due to a payment migration we were processing, so we stopped the migration.
  • The feature which caused this has not been updated for a while and as a result, it took longer than anticipated to pinpoint the cause of “Promoted Page Conversion Revenue” being paid out because the feature did have duplicate detection, but not for erroneous payments.

11/21/2018: We concluded our investigation with the realization that erroneous payments were unintentionally counted as successful and paid out. We froze any code changesbecause of the Thanksgiving holiday.

11/28/2018: We implemented a reclaim process which will restore the affected developers’ Robux balance to accurate counts, which does not include Robux earned from “Promoted Page Conversion Revenue” payouts.

Next Steps

For the developers who were affected, we will be reversing the payout and Roblox will reclaim most of the Robux paid as a result of this incident. We will be leaving a small amount of Robux as an apology for the inconvenience caused by this issue.

We’ll be reviewing all DevEx requests that were made in the past week and will approve them on a case-by-case basis.

Moving forward, we’ll be adding better metrics and alerts, investigating why these messages were being put on both queues, and adding error detection.


Q: What if I submitted a Developer Exchange request with the mistaken Robux?

A: These Robux will not count as earned Robux with respect to Developer Exchange.

Q: Was this a result of anything that I did without knowing it?

A: No, this was an issue on our end. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q: Will I be banned for spending or DevExing these Robux?

A: Our intent is not to ban developers for a mistake caused by Roblox. In cases tied to erroneous payments, we have to be very diligent about how Robux are being spent and withdrawn. In order to correct this issue, we will be reviewing DevEx requests on a case-by-case basis and making adjustments based on the “Promoted Page Conversion Revenue” error.


Thank you for clarifying, hope no one got majorly affected by this.


thanks for the update i guess.


Great to see a pretty good report and Roblox taking full responsibility with steps to address the issue.

Not very punctual though, a lot of people were fretting, wondering if they were going to be banned. Looking forward to see the better alerts consist of


Thanks for the information. I was affected by this, is it resolved now though?


Although I cannot fully support the time it took to rectify such a detrimental issue, affected or not, the transparency is greatly appreciated and I am glad to hear that the bug is fixed. Hoping that no repeat incidents occur and that better steps seem to be taken as opposed to outright banning those who seem to have had malicious intent to exploit the revenue obtained from this bug.


After the correction, can developers dev-ex these apology Robux? This was only clear about not being able to devex the mistaken Robux before the correction.
On second note, if not, would we be able to spend these Robux on advertisements, which then may transfer to developers earning legitimate Robux from their games?


The post talks about “Promoted Page Conversion Revenue” but I received a message talking about “Game Page Conversion Revenue”, I received around 40k robux through the Game Page one but not the Promoted Page one, are those related?


Yes, these Robux can be treated as earned Robux.


Thanks for the update! I wasn’t affected, but was concerned nonetheless.
I hope an issue like this doesn’t crop up again, but computers do as programmed.
Finally, I want to applaud the team who worked on resolving the issue. :clap::clap::clap:


Those are the same thing.


Thanks for the update! ^^


What if someone spent all of it already, and has none left to be taken away?


Excuse me, I did not have ~3.6K before this incident, I had roughly 9K! I did spend Robux between now and the initial warning message, but I’ve only spent 1,655R$ which is well within my former and current balances, as well as the 2K buffer! Please have someone contact me ASAP.

EDIT: I’ve personally sent the DevEngagementTeam a message, I want this to be sorted out before it’s too late.


In this post it says the error happened 2 weeks ago

If this is the case, why is my monthly Game Page Conversion revenue negative? Shouldn’t it have just took away the money that was awarded by accident 2 weeks ago and the game page conversion revenue should balance out at 0?


Hey Ultraw,

This might just be an issue with the window of time you’re looking at. Would you mind extending the transaction window you’re looking at (for example, last 6 mos) and see if that sorts the issue?



It appears that Roblox out-stepped their bounds and took away a percent of all conversion revenue

In the past year, this is my conversion revenue: note, the difference from the past month and past year is what was earned in the other 11 months, supposedly not related to this month’s problem -so why is my Robux being taken away, more than was stated in this announcement.

(I took this screenshot a few days ago)

This is the past month, assuming this feature is working as intended, I should have earned a tiny portion of the entire 70+k here. Meanwhile, the rest was due to this bug this month.

(I took this screenshot a few days ago)

However, here we notice that way more than the conversion revenue of the past month was taken away. What is going on?

Here’s my current past month, way more Robux was taken away than what was said to be part of this glitch


I was barely effected by this - but man the timing scared me. I had just barely gotten my robux restored after someone had gotten into my account, so I was really afraid that it was related to that lmao.


Under the Promoted Page Conversion Revenue issue, I was given approximately 185k Robux. However, I believe I was wrongfully restored because they now took away 274k Robux!

Were there more issues than revealed? Was I wrongfully deducted? Did anyone else lose more than originally issued?


That happened to me too!