Union Doorways, Invisible Barrier Issue Resolved

Hey guys, just became a new member on here and I figured I would post something interesting that i picked up. I am not sure how much this is known but I’m sure some developers have already figured this out but it would work great for some of you builders and modelers when building houses or anything involving a doorway or invisible union/mesh barriers. This will create an extra developing step for you but i think the long term results are worth it.

In my example I’m just gonna use an union doorway compared to a mesh but it works just the same.

1.) Create your union, and turn off Can-Collide, this way you are able to walk through the Union, but still able to see it.

2.) Create 3 square parts for both sides of your doorway and above it and then make it invisible. That way you have an invisible barrier doorway surrounding your union doorway and also make sure Can-Collide is turned on.

So then you should still see your doorway but won’t be bothered by any invisible barriers that unions and meshes create. I would provide pictures of this or a video but since i am a new member I don’t have these options available for me yet. Lol

I hope this all helps you!


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