Union Issues - (2 Parts turn into 1 Big Cyan Fireball instead of the Expected Image Below)

So I wanted to Union this parts of the below


But the Results were not what I expected and here it is


but I need this to be in 1 Part so I can code it better later for use


Sadly, I don’t think you can have a one union have different proprities. (Such as part of it is transparent and another part is not.)

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You can’t union two parts with different materials and hope to keep the same material
This only works when it comes to color, unfortunately.

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I think you should probably go with model and make the inner circle your primarypart.

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How do you need to “code it” exactly?
Can’t you just Weld the two Parts together if you need them to move as a single object.
If they need to be moved using CFrame you could make them a Model, and make one of them the PrimaryPart, then just CFrame the Model.

the problem is I can’t weld the smaller part inside the ForceField but instead the InnerPart gets Welded and not the ForceField

This could be a potential fix…

  1. Make it a model.
  2. Export as OBJ file.
  3. Import into Studio as a mesh.
  4. Done! :slight_smile:

That’d just result the same result as unioning. He simply has to weld it with WeldConstraints and use PrimaryPart.

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It doesn’t matter which of the 2 Parts has the weld in it, as long as they are welded.

If you really want the Weld to be in the ForceField, select the ForceField in the Workspace or the Explorer window, select the Constraints tool in your toolbar and from the dropdown menu select Weld, then zoom inside the ForceField and select the InnerPart.

Why would you union these parts anyways? weld them

There is no way way to create a Union with both those parts. I’d honestly try grouping it.

This is because unions are a single object, and the properties can’t be different for both of them.

If your outside sphere is transparent and lighter and you unioned it with a sphere with different properties, it’ll just leave you with the sphere in the center.

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Sorry to say this, but Unions can only have 1 set of part properties.

You can create a weld between these 2, modify the position of only one of them and the size of both.
Or you can attempt to model these 2 together and script the model as a whole.

Until PBR comes out, you can’t have a single part with multiple advanced textures (Neon + Forcefield for example)

You would need to export it to blender then make the 2 differences have different materials via texture nodes, then export it as a image to roblox so it is 1 part.

I have the same problem let me guess what your trying fine had the ball for tween service:)

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