Unions and Meshes have offset Movement

I simply need to combine a few parts together to make a special shape that I can use multiple times. I originally tried a mesh because I can squish that and change the sizing like a normal part. When I tried moving it, with a height of 1 stud, that caused it to be positioned at Y 0.54 when dragging it across the Baseplate. X and Z axis are also slightly off. Same thing for Unions and even taking a standard part then turning it into a Union. Here’s some photos.

Before moving (after unioning)

After moving

I’m using 1 stud movement. This issue doesn’t occur at all with normal parts. Just Unions and MeshParts as far as I’ve noticed.
I’m not sure if this issue has occurred for other people before, but this is the first time I’ve noticed it. I’m hoping it’s not just an issue for my studio but it’s quite annoying to have to position parts through the Properties.

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