Unions disappearing in Team Create?

While in team create, I decided to union something, he came back saying he couldn’t see it, we separated the union and it became visible for both of us again, I got him to union it and me to see, and it went invisible for me too?

See attached.

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this is a known issue and has been posted many times before on the forums, please use the search function next time.

I did indeed search it, nothing came up.

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this is what i see.


and this.

Not what I see, even then, it is still an issue.
If you don’t have intent on helping me, I don’t see why you are watching this post.
I am needing help right now to sort these unions, even if others have said it, that means it needs to be fixed sooner.

I click on most posts as a attempt to help people, i was informing you that this is a known issue.

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