Unions does not show

I am attempting to make a car and the pushbar is made from unions so everytime I play the pushbar is “invisible” but it’s still collidable and it’s still there.

How do I fix this?

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I think that it means that it’s either still loading or the union got corrupted (you’ll have to remake it if the 2nd option is the case).

Been having this problem too, sometimes they just don’t load at all and it’s different unions that do it.

Try to reopen the place or the game, if it’s still invisible then the union is probably corrupted. I’m not sure why this happens but whenever it does, it happens after saving the place as a file or to the cloud. It could be an upload failure.
Look for an auto-save or a recovery file and copy the union to the place you’re working in. If you had no luck finding that union then you’ll have to remake it.
Hope this helps!

Alright I got the union from a recovery file, but ROBLOX really needs to fix this. It will most likely happen again and it is really annoying to replace it.