Unions SmoothingAngles

Hello, hope you are feeling well today! I want to ask a question as the title says about SmoothingAngles in UnionOperation.

The day of released they posted this on updates: “Usually a value between 30 and 70 degrees will produce a good result. Values between 90 and 180 degrees are allowed but not encouraged.”

What do they mean by “not encouraged” in the last sentence?

  • Do they mean bad performance?
  • Do they mean it doesn’t produce a good result?

Idk, they weren’t that specific…
I asked this, because my Trees’ leaves have the SmoothingAngles property set to 100. ( I like it on 100, because is more smooth, and fits my trees perfectly).

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I use SmoothingAngles in my unions, a lot… and I don’t really see that much of an change in performance, I think they reefer to the bad result, I mean if it has a drastic change of performance, they probably wouldn’t even allow it to go beyond 90…

Well, I mean, lets be real, I noticed on some of my unions, that when going beyond 90 does some sort of a lightning glitch, so I believe that they meant that It can create a bad result.

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