Unions switched with others, for some reason

So i was making a enemy model for my game, and then suddenly, all the legs and the torso unions were changed to the head union for some reason (and deleted all motor6d’s).

If anyone has had that problem and fixed it, please tell me how to fix it because i dont want to loose hours of work

Just to clarify, Studio made 6 recovery files when i was working on it, but the only one that actually saved was the one when i was trying to fix it and separating the union will just delete it.

If they are all the same Union then I’d suggest maybe you had all of them selected and Copy/Pasted the head Union into all of them.

No, all of them are separate unions, also i don’t get what you mean, the unions suddenly transformed into the head union once i exported a animation

Did you possibly copy the head Union previously, then later on had the other Unions all selected at the same time and accidentally hit Ctrl-V?

No, i had none selected, and i never copied the head union, it happened suddenly when i exported a animation

alright so, i just gave up and made a new model.