Unique anime game, interested?

Alright, most of you guys are probably already like: “Here’s another one…”. Now I’m going to say I’m making a game based off One Piece. Now you guys most be frowning. Alright let me get to the point:

We all know that anime games are built around the same mechanism and a pretty linear setup where it’s mostly grinding stats. Here’s how I plan mine to make it stand out from the rest, it’s a merge of a MMORPG’s and just the general topic of one piece, I’ll list all the ideas:

  1. Heavy death penalty, upon dying you lose all of your loot in your bag. Items, Money and everything. All your items drop on the ground and can be picked up by others. (You can kill to steal.)
  2. Saving Inventory system, to counter the heavy death penalty you have a inventory that saves, you have a storage and bank that saves too! You can deposit your money before going on an adventure.
  3. Multiple quests and open world style, quests everywhere from beginner difficulty to hard.
  4. Stupid minions, smart bosses. Minions will be minions… they will just follow you, but bosses, they can do much more. They can block, dash, double jump, use abilities of many kind.
  5. Auction Houses, man you can sell your stuff everywhere!
  6. NO STATS, what? You heard me right, no stat grinding. So how do you get stronger? Well it’s mostly inventory item based. Weapons make you stronger, races make you stronger or weaker depending on the race. Lot’s of gear as well!
  7. Enchants. Minecraft? No, but similar. I plan to have enchants that can be applied onto gears and weapons
  8. Durability, items break alright that just how it works. I’m not letting you have a god piece forever.
  9. Hunger bar and food! Yea, let’s have a little survival factor.
  10. Custom Items!, yes, bosses do naturally spawn but we can have an boss egg item that basically spawns it by force. Teleportation gems, healing items you name it. We also have in game crates collectibles.
  11. Kits and Ranks!, man this is getting paid to win ain’t it? Well I’m not gonna sell them, you guys would have to adventure the world to get kits and ranks. How do you get this? Well killing bosses have a chance of dropping a Kit Gem or a rank note which would give you the ability to sell it on the auctions, use it or idk throw it out. (You can use the kits once every 6 days to keep it more balanced)
  12. Mounts and pets! Now we’re getting into World Of Warcraft, yes you can adventure the world with your limited mounts and pets.
  13. Blacksmiths, and librarians. Back to Minecraft you can make your own items using item crystals!
  14. Custom Devil Fruits, did you forget this was a one piece game? Of course we gonna have fighting abilities! *(to make things fair some in game damage calculations will be altered based on if you have eaten a fruit or not)
  15. Random life and professions. Yep you can be a navigator, cook, fishermen, crafter a bunch of things. You spawn as a random race (Races can be changed in game).
  16. DIMENSIONS! ok we are sounding like a simulator but let me add a fun knockback gamemode where you basically teleport to a place where you can grind but it’s dangerous.
  17. Chat commands, yea basically you can have commands like: /fix, /home, /sethome, /near etc. These will be rewarded with ranks.
  18. exclusives, exclusive items that are limited and so on.

There are much more but let’s all point something out

  1. This doesn’t sound like a one piece game
  2. There is ALOT of content.

I agree, but I’m willing to make this unique one piece mmorpg if you guys would play it. So what do you say interested? I’m willing to take in anything else you want added.

  • I would totally play this.
  • I might play this
  • I need to see some content first
  • Won’t play it

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I feel like you have a decent idea started, seems like you put thought into this. I see a few issues with this and it’s not related to the type of content but how much content you are having. This seems ambitious and this may be setting you up to fail. As well, you say “There is ALOT of content” but having a lot of content isn’t always a good thing, I think having quality content over quantity is always better.

As well, I can’t say I would play this game by just seeing the idea. An idea may be good but depending on how you implement into the game, it could be bad. My advice is to build the core game and expand on it after that to make sure your idea works in practice. Good luck with this game.


omg, this could be a very good game is scripted correctly! I’d love to see it on front page in the near future!

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It’s weird to me that a lot of people focus on making a “unique” game idea, but then worry if people will want to play it or not.

I personally see Roblox as a hobby programming platform. It has some great things going for it like the ability to earn real money (pending you meeting the requirements to do so) but I still see ti as a hobby platform.

Programming as a hobby should always be focused on what you want to do, so that you can learn. I honestly don’t care if a game is unique or not, I care if it’s best-in-class. There are thousands upon thousands of first person shooters, but they find ways to be best-in-class some way.

Don’t get me wrong, one way to be best at something is to do things not many people have done before, or that people really haven’t seen before. I’d just focus on making a game that makes you happy. As far as me personally, the theme of the game is an immediate turn-off. I like One Piece, but feel no attachment to it and wouldn’t care about a One Piece game no matter the mechanics.

You’re setting your goals high and I like that, but you have to keep in mind you’re going to have to pay a whole team of people including but not limited to 1 of each, a scripter, a builder, a graphics artist (you could commission or have them on the team full time if you’re releasing consistent updates), a modeler, I could go on forever. Dev teams are extremely expensive.


Thanks so much for your reply and feedback! The good thing is the game is already a work in progress, Here are some stuff:


Please do press the links that aren’t showing anything those are very important, also note that the builds in these gifs and pictures are outdated and they are being made as we speak.

The UI looks clean and simple but it also looks somewhat 2016-esque, and it looks like it was made solely using the roblox UI creation system. You could release the game like this or you could have a UI designer create entirely new custom UI as that always makes any games UI look amazing.

My bad, the UI are outdated as well:


Here’s a little inventory system showcase

EDIT: Here’s a more oudated version but it shows how items are picked up:

Looks amazing I will play when it comes out!

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I will say this. VERY AMBITIOUS IDEA! I like that. But sometimes, less is more! What you have is not an elevator pitch, you are just presenting game-mechanics. Not how it will turn out. It does feel like you are inexperienced as a game designer so I’d advise you to try to simplify the game both for your audience and yourself to make.

Now let’s discuss your mechanics.

  1. The heavy death penalty, yes it has been done on many games on which rogue lineage did it best here on Roblox. However, this can be very discouraging to players to lose ALL form of progress and will significantly decrease the rate of recurring players. If you take rogue- as a reference, they let you die three times before facing such a grave penalty.

  2. This arguably patches the first mechanic’s flaw, whereas with this system, it is laid out as a save/check-point kind of thing. Clever indeed, but remember this can cause some serious issues for younger players to understand if you don’t somehow make it very obvious that they can save some of their things there.

  3. It is good to have quests, but the issue with an open-world style game especially in Roblox, it is hard to constrain the players within one place while it is multiplayer and not make sure people don’t intersect other people’s quests as this can disrupt a player’s flow of the game.

  4. I don’t see the purpose of stating the difficulty level of a mob. Consider naming the interactions that could be made with them and/or their mechanics that can have an impact in PvE.

  5. I kind of like the idea of an auction house however if you don’t dictate a minimum/maximum on an individual level for each item, you will cause some huge inflation in your game’s economy.

  6. The issue with progression through only items is that you are essentially removing a HUGE aspect of an RPG. The most fun about an RPG to me (and maybe others) is the grinding for levels. Why would you want to remove the process of levelling? Consider that it is more efficient to have levels than to have more (areas of loot) than necessary for different tiers of equipment.

Imagine this. A player doesn’t have the necessary skills to obtain a piece of certain equipment so thus he gets XP from monsters until he does have the stats to combat the obstacle.

Your scenario would be that the player needs to obtain gold and ADDITIONALLY go to a store and purchase stand-in equipment. Forcing a player to use their soft currency to purchase something is pretty useful for monetization, however, for an RPG it defeats the purpose.

7 - 9. No comment

  1. Well, define custom items. Surely it would work like Minecraft, you always need to have a blueprint to dictate what the ingredients will become? In my opinion, this sounds irrational. Why not just make certain items available to purchase at certain areas? Because I am assuming you are trying to make the player adventure and find different areas to get ingredients/parts. It solved easily by having different stores at different locations.

  2. Assuming it works like equipment? No comment

  3. No comment

  4. This is the same as 10?

  5. So essentially like elemental battlegrounds where you can choose your own loadout of abilities. Cool.

  6. No idea what this is going to do but I’d like to be a cook so I can finally not burn my eggs.

  7. No comment.

  8. Why chat commands when you can easily use Ui to solve this? It is MUCH neater. Hello? It is 2019! Seriously though, assuming you are not going to make it friendly for mobile devices but still. Using Ui is far better than forcing the player to utilise the chat to such extent when it is not necessary at all and simply just a bit outdated.

  9. Limited as in limited time for a player to purchase said object or said object disappears after a time-limit?


Thanks so much for this,

for 5, I wish to let the players decide the values of each item based on how quick they can obtain money.

for 6, I choose to remove level grinding for another type of grinding which is gears and items.

for 10, custom items doesn’t mean you can craft them, it’s just items from another world like maybe adding senzu beans from dragon ball for a limited event.

for 17, UI is a good idea but I personally prefer commands (just matter of preference)

for 18, just limited items that can be gained from special bosses or some sort of event or special quest going on

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Everything is good except death penalty, people may quit about that and giving you hate. You should remove it or instead of losing everything you can lose 1 item, I have played an MMORPG which has a penalty system, lot of people is not going outside to play the game and stay in the safe zone, or they hide at the map, cause they don’t want to lose their stuff, I got an idea to add a lose blocker, you can use it to an item and you will never lose it by dying

respond me :frowning:

  1. As I have said, this will cause unhealthy inflation in your game. One of the biggest issues with modern MMO and MMORPG is inflation of virtual currency!!! Resources are free in your game, and if your game takes no tax on it nor dictate a value-range of something, you will have players exceed an amount of wealth that will simply just disrupt your WHOLE GAME!! Future updates will have no meaning and revenue will decrease update by update. By not having a strict model of how resources are perceived and valued. Your currency will eventually have losts its value if players chose to. And let’s be honest. Players are kids, and they sure do like to ‘grief’ when not regulated.

  2. You lose the psychological motivation behind leveling! This will drastically affect the recurring rate of players, amount of time spent on the game, and also OVERALL FUN! But I get it! I am contradicting myself by saying less is more.

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Stopped reading and lost 100% of my faith in the project at this bit

This is just a straight route to a dead game.

If a player dies, after hours of stocking up items what are they going to do? Leave? Never come back? Tell their friends how awful the game is? NEVER have hugely bad Death penalties, its not good for anyone. Id say the most extreeme you can safely go is a similar system to booga booga where you lose all the items you are wearing and in your toolbar.

If you do have a death penalty, turn it into something positive, give the player a temporary boost or even rig the game in their favour for a short period of time. and while I would never recommend ‘Negative-purchases’ you could try monetise of deaths giving the player an option to not lose stuff.

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Oh you should have read the second point because that point was made to combat the first :slight_smile:

Being able to deposit items doesnt help, since typically I would take my best gear to battle.

So far the work looks amazing. I personally have a soft spot for an older UI design so the comment about it being 2016-esque actually is appealing to me, haha. Keep up the solid work and I think you’ll have a great game honestly.

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This entire paragraph hurt my eyes real bad. This system suggested is a very bad idea and, since i’m assuming that you’re not an anime fan, these deaths make the game way more interesting and challenging. Have you ever played a game, where everything is just so monotonous. If you have ever set your eyes on REAL anime, facing or even meeting a character is a big thing, and even killing them is such achievement. This death penalty makes sure that the game becomes more realistic and even drives that adrenaline to fight with all you’ve got.
This idea is such a good one and unfortunately, since I am working on my own anime game of the same game, I have more similar idea to his to make this as realistic as possible.

There’s simply little reason to point out the ‘negative’ elements of this idea and just critic-ing it simply because you had an unpleasant experience.

This is the worst kind of advice and it honestly offends my years of experience in game making in both failures and successes.

‘‘NEVER have hugely bad death penalties’’

Games like Rogue Lineage and even the awaited upcoming OP game, One Piece New World have implemented these ideas into their games and have a 2k+ players’ fan base supporting it. NEVER is such a wrong word to use here since flexibility is a strong pillar of game making.

How is giving a player a temporary boost gonna help. Like heck, if I get a temporary combat boost everytime I die, I would wanna die every time and carry no weapons just for the sake of a slight rig that is in my favor.

This feature is meant to basically tell this player “Dude, there are different approaches to this.”, in your face. Simply going on with
system shows the actual value of being social in game and finding friends before it’s too late. It also implies the importance of working together in game. Also, gives a player the freedom to discover the secrets of the game. Simply becoming OP in game makes the game boring once you get everything you ever wanted.

This game will promote friendship, loyalty, familiarity with the game world, purchases (when dead to revive yourself)and last but not least determination to take revenge on your killer.
I will leave you with this last message :3

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

2,000 concurrent. is not 200,000 concurrent, I target that argument more towards striving at 50,000 concurrent. There is little point making a game if your only ambition is 2,000 concurrent players as your playerbase.

Well, if games were supposed to be that easy, there would be hardly anything to talk about in community discussions.

Also 2k - 50k of loyal and interested player base is way better than 200k players who have hardly anything to talk about (other than how easy it was to get the new sword that was added to the game about an hour ago)