United States Border Patrol Handbook

U.S.B.P Handbook

United States Border Patrol
For Immediate Distribution, April 14, 2021
USBP Headquarters

Table of Contents

Introduction to Department Command
Department Ranks
Disciplinary Review
Discord Rules
Department Programs
Department Operations
Radio Codes


Introduction Department Command

Department Command is defined as all high command ranks that have authority over the well being of the group and all people within it. The following ranks and people are apart of the Department Command.

U.S.B.P Group Manager(s) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . vacant
U.S.B.P Board of Directors(s) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . vacant
U.S.B.P Director(s) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . vacant
U.S.B.P Border Council . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . vacant
U.S.B.P Chairperson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . vacant

Department Ranks

Board of Directors - Have control over USBP and make all executive decisions that will change USBP for the better.

Director - The Director is the Board of Director’s assistant and also helps in making decisions for USBP. This person can change anything in USBP with the permission of the Board of Directors.

Border Council - The Border Council makes decisions in USBP. They oversee the operations of USBP making sure everything runs smoothly. Anything important should be brought to their attention.

Chairperson - The Chairperson is responsible for directing the Administration, they also are in charge of training and hiring Administrators into the United States Border Patrol Administration. They are also tasked with directly overseeing the Tactical Unit Division of the Border Patrol.

Head Administrator - The Head Administrator role is directly in charge of making the gameplay a better experience for all, they moderate in game and in discord. They are tasked with stopping any rule breakers/exploiters, they can also co-host a AIT training.

Administrator - The Administrator role is directly in charge of making the gameplay a better experience for all, they moderate in game and in discord. They are tasked with stopping any rule breakers/exploiters.

Administrator in Training - The Administrator in Training is responsible for moderating and attending training to rank up to Administrator, which their responsibility becomes greater. They are considered a member of the administration with restriction.

Chief - The Chief is the highest rank, you can achieve as a MR, you must act mature at all times when on duty. This opportunity gives you the chance the become an Administrator in Training.

Deputy Chief - You are one away obtaining the rank of Chief meaning you must be active make sure the border is running smoothly and supervise the border.

Border Inspector - Is in charge of LR ranks. Also making sure all ranks are following the rules and guidelines. They make sure there is no corruption from the LRs.

Watch Commander - The Watch Commanders sole purpose is to lead the fellow USBP. The main mission is to lead the team to prevent any illegal aliens from crossing the U.S Border, also to prevent any trafficking of people or contraband. Also, to seek out any illegal immigrants that crossed the border illegally, rightfully using their power and expertise. Finally they also play an important role in the leadership and should be in the highest of competency levels.

Tactical Response Team - The Tactical Response Teams purpose is to protect everyone at the border. And search vehicles if there are dangerous weapons found.

Entry Permit Checker - -

Senior Border Patrol Agent - The Senior Border Patrol Agent(s) are responsible for protecting the gate and making sure people do not pass by illegally. They are recognized as a more experienced and trained Border Patrol Agent.

Border Patrol Agent - Border Patrol Agent(s) are regular agents that are tasked with stopping illegal activity and crossings at the border. Their job is to stop, search and check anybody who is seeking refuge in the United States of America

Junior Border Patrol Agent - Junior Border Patrol Agents are agents who have just passed their first training and are one of the most basic ranks that the Border Patrol has to offer, they are responsible for assisting a Border Patrol Agent in their duties and to make sure that nobody breaches the wall.

Suspended - Anybody who is suspended has failed to do their duties responsibly and properly.

Disciplinary Review

The disciplinary review is installed to make sure people, especially Border Patrol Agents, know the punishments that can and will be given out to any agents that show misconduct within our ranks. The following punishments can be handed out by any rank within the Administration as they see fit. Punishments with a * beside them means only High Command can deliver those punishments.

Warning - A warning can be handed out by any rank within the Administration, this includes AITs. Warnings are just notifying the offender of a rule that they’ve broken and that next time a greater punishment will be handed out.

Kick - A kick can be handed out by any rank within the Administration so long as the offender offense a warrants a kick. Kicks are considered a greater warning, although if an offender is kicked to many times they can be subjected to a greater punishment.

Suspensions* - Suspensions can only be given out by Administrators+, suspensions are earned if the offender has committed an atrocity so great that it has been considered a lack of responsibility and they will relieved of their duties for a few days where they have time to think of what they’ve done. If multiple suspensions are handed out to one person they are subject to a permanent suspension.

Server Bans* - Server bans are handed out to someone who has broken the game rules and/or discord rules, they’ve received a removal from the game and/or discord for a certain amount of time without any way of coming back unless revoked by High Command.

Pbans* - Pbans are permanent punishments given to someone who has committed an atrocity so great that they have been stripped of their privileges to play the game. Bans are appealable unless deemed otherwise by the Border Council.

Permanent Suspensions* - Permanent Suspensions - Permanent suspensions can only be given out by the Border Council if someone has committed an atrocity not warranting a ban but close to it, permanent suspensions however are appealable to a Deputy Director+ if the offender believes their punishment is too harsh.

These are all the punishments listed here so far, any High Command member can add to this list, subtract from this list, or configure this list to make the punishments fair and according to our rule set.


Questions for US Citizens:

‧ Hello, welcome to the United States Border.
‧ I am {YOUR RANK}, {YOUR NAME}, with the United States Border Patrol.
‧ What brings you to the Border today?

(Wait for them to respond)

(Take note if it is a bus full of people you will have them all get out and line up on the side of the bus. You and a few other agents will have to ask everyone of them the same questions and check everyone).

Questions for Immigrants:

‧ Hello, welcome to the United States Border.

‧ I am {YOUR RANK}, {YOUR NAME}, with the United States Border Patrol.

‧ What brings you to the Border today?

(Wait for them to respond) 

How long do you plan to stay in the United States?

(Wait for them to respond) 

(If they don’t say anything suspicious you may proceed normally to the next question)

Do you have your passport on you today?

(Wait for them to respond) 

----- Once they  show you you will role-play -----       
  • *takes *
  • *checks *
  • (Is it valid?)

Note: If they say yes you may proceed.

  • Do you have anything illegal or suspicious on you or in your vehicle today?

Note: If they say no you may proceed.

  • Once the gate opens, please turn right to go into secondary and wait for the next available agent.
  • Enjoy, and welcome home!
  • Enjoy your visit/stay!

Radio up to the control room and tell them to open lane (your lane number)

Questions Secondary Inspection:

You will guide the incoming vehicle into your lane, but be mindful of other cars and players moving around.
Once they are in your lane you may proceed.

  • Hello, I am (rank), (name).
  • At this time, please put your car in park and turn off the engine.
  • I will be searching your vehicle, luggage, and person today.
  • Do you have anything in your luggage, person, or vehicle that I should now about before we proceed?

If they have guns:

  • Do you have a gun permit on you?

(wait for them to respond. If they say no you will have to tell them that you have to confiscate the weapon).

If they have any military equipment or explosives:

(radio for a/another border inspector to come to secondary for back up)

  • Do you have any paperwork for that?

(wait for them to respond, if they don’t ask them to step out)

(If they do have them hand you the paperwork)

  • takes
  • checks
  • (valid?)

(If it is you can proceed to the next questions)

  • Who is the paperwork with?
  • Why are you bringing them to the United States?

(Take note there are many more RP situations than this. These are few examples)

  • If everything checks out you pay proceed.

  • At this time, please step out and put your luggage on the table.

(wait for them to do so)

  • Search their luggage.


  • If everything checks out you may proceed

  • Please remain at the table while I search your vehicle

You MUST role-play (you can decide to be a dirty agent and try to plant something on them if you wish).

If everything checks out you may proceed to the next step

  • I will now be searching your person, please face away from me at this time.

(Cuff them and RP)

Do not frisk if they have weapons! Remember you must Role-play

  • *searches *

If they have any weapons on them that they did not notify you about:

  • Sir/Ma’am, I found (item/s) on you today? Do you have paperwork for these?

If it is military grade items call the Deputy-Chief over for clearance and back-up

If everything checks out you may proceed:

  • Everything checks out and is all cleared.
  • You may get in your vehicle and proceed into the United States.
  • Welcome Home (Used for United States Citizens)
  • Enjoy your visit/stay! (Used for immigrants)

Discord Rules

  1. No spamming of any kind. (Example : flooding)
    Consequences : Warn and then kick or even a ban.

  2. No advertising of anything (DM or in server.)
    Consequences : Most of the times a warn and if you advertise a discord server it’s a ban

  3. You can speak any language you want in this server. Our official languages are English and Spanish, but any other language can be spoken on this server.

  4. No NSFW in ANY form. If it’s in your avatar, we will give you 2 minutes to change it. If it’s in a conversation, it’s an instant ban. (that’s if it’s to a certain degree)
    Consequences : A ban.

  5. Don’t raid. Especially in our name.
    Consequences : A kick or ban

  6. No shady links, this is an instant ban.
    Consequences : Ban.

  7. No invisible names. You’ll have 3 minutes to change it.
    Consequences : Warn, then a kick, then an unlikely ban.

  8. No racism.
    Consequences : Permanent IP ban.

  9. No cussing.
    Consequences : Most of the times a warn and if you continue it could lead to being kicked.

  10. No begging for promotion or rank.
    Consequences: Mute and could even lead to a ban & suspension in group.

  11. No online dating.
    Consequences: Instant ban and suspension in group.

  12. No spam ping.
    Consequences: Mute and if you continue it could lead to a kick or even ban.

Department Operations

The operations of the Border Patrol is to make sure that no illegal contraband, human trafficking, or any other illegal activities go on at the border, they are also in charge of making sure that any illegal passing of border doesn’t happen.

Radio Codes

View Radio Codes

10-0 - Officer down
10-1 - Officer needs help
10-4 - Message Understood
10-6 - In service, on call.
10-7 - Out of service
10-8 - On service
10-9 - Repeat message
10-14 - Kidnapped person
10-15 - Prisoner in custody
10-19 - Returning to station
10-20 - Request for a location
10-24 - Abandoned Vehicle
10-27 - Suspects ID information
10-29 - Checks for warrants
10-30 - Suspect Wanted
10-31 - Vehicle wanted
10-32 - Need backup
10-41 - Ambulance needed
10-42 - DOT Needed
10-50 - car accident
10-53 - Civilian hurt
10-66 - Suspicious person.
10-67- Person calling for help
10-71 - Shooting
10-80 - pursuit
10-94 - Pedestrian Stop
10-97 - Arrived at scene

Code 1 - no lights/sirens
Code 2 - Lights only
Code 2 High - Lights, sirens at intersections.
Code 3 - Lights and sirens.
Code 4 - No further assistance needed.
Code 7 - In-game break.

Uniform Regulations

View Uniform Regulations

JBPA Uniform:

BPA+ Uniform:

Inspector+ Uniform:

AIT+ Uniform (Executives):

BORTAC Uniform:

Trafic Unit Uniform:

DHS Uniform:

Secret Service Uniform (President RP only):

Arizona State Police Uniform:

ICE and Internal Affairs Uniforms coming soon.


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