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Hello there! Welcome to Unity Builders!
Full company name: Unity Builders Incorporated

About the Group

Our motto is "Creation is key."

We are a group of developers, creators, influencers. We set out to build what we never could before. We welcome those who aspire to create. Join us while we push technological innovation forward.

Community Guidelines

Follow all Community Guidelines to make sure Unity Builders is a fun place for everybody!

  1. Welcome everyone with due diligence and respect!
  2. Be kind and respectful; don’t attack anybody.
  3. Don’t be obnoxious.
  4. English is currently the only language supported by Unity Builders.
  5. Don’t mini-mod, the Supervising Class will issue warnings, not you.
  6. Don’t spam our group wall. Spamming our group wall results in immediate exile.
  7. Don’t interfere with group investigations.
  8. Finally, follow anything Roblox lays out for you or us. That includes the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, etc.

Security has their own set of guidelines which are not yet written.

Supervising Class General Guideline

Do not abuse your power. That means you can’t run admin commands just because you think it’s fun. You can’t promote anybody just because they are your friends, or for no reason. Same thing goes with exiling or demoting.

Rank Information

Hi! This is the revised version of Promotion and Role Information post.

If you’d wish to retire/resign from your role, contact the Supervising Class by messaging a person in the Board of Advisors or higher. (a new system will be introduced later)

Promotions will start May 4th.

Lowest Class

These roles are generally easy to get. These are always acquired either through Roblox systems or by clicking a button in the application center.

  • Supporter - These people have not joined the Employee rank yet. If you have had a previous role before you left UB for some reason (if the Supervising Class took action on you that’s a different case) you will be given that role again.
  • Employee - These are people that are new to the group or they haven’t applied to join the Scientist Class.

Scientist Class

Scientist Class is the (normally) lowest class that has a level of permission.

  • Scientist - Scientists have a higher level of access to areas in games.
  • Maintenance Crew - These people help the scientists maintain facilities and machines in our games.

Technological Class

This is an invite-only class. All people in this class and higher are recommended to join our development subsidiary.

  • IT Department - These people develop and maintain our games.
  • Senior IT Department - These people, in addition to developing our games,
  • Database Manager - These people manage UB databases. These people have a bit of control over tons of UB infrastructure.

Supervising Class

This is an invite-only class. To get in this class you normally have to have a lot of experience in the specific task of a role. These people are often decided through a vote with the Board of Advisors.

  • Human Resources - Anyone that has this role is generally a great helper and can help with whatever you need. Just ask!
  • Employee Supervisors - These supervise all classes that are lower than the Supervising Class.
  • Head of Media Current holder: ThatsZman - The holder has a great ability to manage media and is in control of UB publications, media, and press about UB.
  • Head of Security Operations Current holder: Vacant - The holder is able to manage our security effectively and efficiently. The holder knows their way with security items and is able to train other people to use them effectively. The holder also enforces security rules if a higher rank is not already enforcing them.
  • Head of Relations Current holder: Vacant - The holder is in charge of our relationships with allies and other groups in general.

About the Board

The Board of Advisors is a prestigious role in Unity Builders. These people administer all UB activities and vote on important matters such as roles or promotions.

Who is in the Board?

  • muhammed51
  • lucotas82
  • diamondboy5860
  • niceNiceboys1034

Has anybody resigned?

  • Dexoro/troopfinder - Forced resignation due to inactivity, contact me if you want to get back in

About the Chairman of the Board

Current Chairman of the Board: Mike18925

The Chairman of the Board is responsible for managing the board. The chairman is also responsible for picking all people in the Board of Advisors and handling resignations.

Has any previous chairman stepped down?



Current Director: IOSuppression
Previous Director: troopfinder

The director is in charge of all group operations. They can override any Board of Advisors vote if it worsens the group.

Other/Special Ranks

These roles can only be acquired through special processes. These roles are ordered in no particular order.

  • Retired - These people can technically be considered Lowest & Scientist class. These are people that have retired from a higher rank than Employee. These people are around so that new Employees have a chance to get to know people from UB’s past and allow new Employees to get help.
  • Group Partners - This role can be acquired by being allied with our group and not having a higher role.
  • Security Personnel - This role can be acquired through the Security Enlistment process. This is handled through the application center.

Other Information

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