Universal Game labelled as 'Experimental Mode', even though all servers have filtering enabled

I’m nearing the release of a universal game of mine. This game consists of different places, all of which have Filtering Enabled set to true. Despite this, my game is still labelled as ‘Experimental Mode’. I’m not sure if this is just a visual bug or not, but if this was to persist it could severely limit my game audience.

Here’s a list of all the places:

And here’s each individual place’s workspace:

How come this is happening, and how can I fix it?

You need to play each place in the game for it to update to be fixed.

There are many other posts like this one already.


Thye wiki page for Experimenal Mode explains this, though I still think this behaviour is a bit strange.



There are multiple posts on this topic already. See these recent two threads.

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Thanks, visiting all the places got it to work

Ok thanks for the heads up

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