Universe Bugs And Suggestions

Alright, I know many people have been complaining about how universes “or games” seem to have a lot of downsides to them. I for one like to use them, but I would like you guys at ROBLOX to please make the system more efficient and work correctly.


  • Universe total player count shows ONLY on POPULAR PAGE! (it does not show on favorites or recent pages on the games page)

Favorites: it shows only the amount of people in lobby (this picture is just an example)

Recent: has the same problem too. (ALSO, ALL GAMES ON RECENT PAGE ARE INCORRECT)

^ Not mention that the egg hunt games only have “28” people in them. Which is incorrect.


  • When you follow a user or friend into a universe and it isn’t the start place, it just says “illegal teleport destination”. If you guys could change it so instead of saying “illegal teleport destination” it would teleport them into the start place? (Since it’s stupid to get in someone’s game and realize that I have to now close the program

Wrap up:
So those are my findings on bugs and what I think should be changed / modified with the universe system

Thank you

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