Unknown Battles: New Sword Fighting Game!

My friends and I have recreated an old sword fighting game that I made, and I’d like some feedback on it. My friend was online, but he left - message me if you need someone to join you


Please feel free to give feedback on anything - from thumbnails to building.
What we are adding soon:

  • Premium + Group benefits
  • Map walls
  • New animations
  • Possibly new UI

Thank you!


you need more maps. i don’t like how the maps just ‘end’, i dont like how you can see lobby from map. your animations are mediocre and i dont like how you go soaring for a while on third attack. your ui is also mediocre and luckiest guy font does not fit in. the combat system and cooldown is weird and animations need to be faster and precise and stuff. also make custom walk and run animations and stuff

and maybe swords can have special powers like ice sword freeze people


It’s an interesting premise, although the sword animations are slightly… underwhelming as the user above said, the GUI is a bit unappealing and the maps could have fences or something to show where the map border is, but I did have fun playing a few rounds


Do you have any suggestions as to what I could do to make the UI better? Thanks :slight_smile:


rounded corners vibrant colors better fonts icons that fit better aspect ratio of the ui