Unlock Camera Using Tool.Activated

I have tried using a text button and modal but to use it you need the screen gui to be enabled the problem is that when the screen gui is enabled the tool cant activate, i have tried using mouse.Button1Down but it doesnt register that aswell

I think the tool activate function works when theres a hided ui button has pressed.have you tried the Activated function in the text button?

i have tied activated and mouse.button1down

Read this? you should read carefully :rage:

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i am pro english man and can read very well :heart:

Actually yes your english is very talented congrulations :100: :newspaper: :clap:

Uh try the tool mousebutton1down event if it has.

also maybe detecting in client and sending to server might be helpful.

if every script should be local then use bindable event

yo it works but the problem is i cant right click through the gui, i want to be able to move the mouse but have the option to right click to move the camera

the gui is blocking it i dont know this one :confused:

is their a way to detect a right click through a gui because my idea is to set modal to false when they right click but the problem with UIS is that it only detects the right click after lifting the mouse button not when pressing the mouse button down

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