Unlockable Gui Button

Hello, I’m a bit new to scripting and I’m making a game where you complete quests to unlock characters that are selected in image buttons. I know how to script the quests but I’m stuck on how to make it so once the quest has been completed the character can either appear onto the screengui or have a lock that disappears letting you be able to click on the character. Once you unlock the character it saves it to your account so next time you join you dont need to re do the quest. I don’t mind an explanation for this or a written out script but I’d also like to learn from it.

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So basically you get a lock image, set Visible to true if the quest is locked and make the Image Button not Clickable this is a property. You use datastores to save a table where u insert all completed quests. And i guess if these quests are completed you set the lock visible (true). Sorry if i didnt understand what you want lol

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You could do this by creating all the needed parts followed below.

  • Make the imagebutton in startergui, customize it how you’d like. Be sure to set the visibility to false.

  • When scripting the quest system, whenever the quest is completed make the quest gui visibility to false, in the imagebutton you can add a script saying the following:

if —your path.Visible == false then
    script.Parent.Visible = false

I believe you can make the mouse button clicks so it equips the character on your own.

Another problem, the game is set in multiple worlds in separate games. How would I make it so if unlocked in one game it will already be unlocked in another?