Unnamed update log 112234

Game is now in Early Beta!
Game name change > RPG CHAMPIONS


  • Stats has been reset, but all items are kept except scriptures
  • Items are reset to base stat, max level of the item is kept the same (Artifacts with over 35 level cap are set to 35)

Compensations are given out base on play time prior to this release (if you have 50 hours of play time, you will receive the Tier 1 compensation, if you have 100 hours of play time, you will receive Tier 2 compensation. Compensation does not stack):

  • Tier 1: Players with 50+ hours of play time: 10,000 COIN, 1,000 CRYSTAL, AND 50 BLUENITE
  • Tier 2: Players with 100+ hours of play time: 50,000 COIN, 2,500 CRYSTAL, AND 100 BLUENITE
  • Tier 3: Players with 300+ hours of play time: 500,000 COIN, 10,000 CRYSTAL, AND 300 BLUENITE
  • Tier 4: Players with 500+ hours of play time: 2,000,000 COIN, 20,000 CRYSTAL, AND 500 BLUENITE

BONUS: all player with 24+ hours of play time can redeem code “BETA” for exclusive armor set, GODFATHER

Key Changes


  • Item no longer need to be max level to fuse, except for artifacts
  • Item stats no longer halve when fused


  • Upgrade increment no longer depend on the stat, instead, a set amount determined by the item tier and star amount
  • Blacksmith’s Mood no longer affects cost of upgrading, instead, it will only affect chance of double upgrades


  • Most boosts has been changed to be viewed in % instead of x
  • Health boost will also boost health increased by armor and helmet equipped
  • Damage boost will also boost skill damage


  • All enemy health and damage has been decreased


  • UI has been reworked


  • Lost Treasures: collect Lost Shards scattered around maps in exchange for boosts
  • Global Boosts: complete tasks for global XP Boost, and or Luck Boost
    (available next update)
  • Tower: temporarily disabled, more players will be able to enter the Tower at once in the next update
  • Community Market: temporarily disabled, will be available next update
  • Sell: temporarily disabled, will be available next update
  • Team: temporarily disabled until further notice

Minor changes are not listed