Unofficial Devforum Offices

Unofficial Devforum Offices

Hello everyone,

I present you the Unofficial Devforum Offices! Unfortunately the “Unofficial Devforum Group” is only allowing Devforum Members to have a office because New Members will abuse their room(Which can be true). I saw an opportunity for me to create a whole office building full of Devforum New Members and Devforum Members offices. If you’re interested to create an office please use our template. Create your office inside the template, make sure it’s not outside of the template(box).

How will this work?
I’ve created a Google Forum. You must fill out your these questions:

  • What’s your Roblox username?

  • Roblox office model(link to the model, make sure I can get a copy of it)

Once you have submitted your application to have an office in the office building. My team will review your office if it matches Roblox rules(Terms of Service). Reminder: Create your office inside the template(box). The office building will update once a week with new offices.

Submit your office here
Visit the office building here
Start creating an office here


Q: When will we add our offices?
A: The office building will be updated once a week.

Office Inspiration(Ideas for you)

Custom Door

Example of Offices



Release of the unofficial office will be annouced sometime this week. Reminder, Be creative with your office!

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I don’t understand.

But then here you say

So are new members allowed to have an office? If so I would surely apply.

What is this all about? How does this benifit us?

I remember @PeteyK473 saying something about the offices coming back sometime in the future. The official offices are currently closed for all forum members, not just new members.

Yes, new members and members are allowed to have an office here. Since currently, the “Unofficial DevForum Group” is not allowing offices currently because of the new update(New Members can join Devforum easier, which makes it harder to keep up with the number of offices being submitted. Though I’m willing to do it).

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This is optional. You are not paid to do this. If you don’t want an office that’s your choice. We’re not forcing you to have an office.

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I have a few questions:

  1. Can we color the walls in the Template?
  2. Is their a limit on what we can put in our offices?
  3. What does an example office look like when it’s fully customized?

Other than that, I am creating my office right now

No? They stopped doing offices because they didn’t have much of a point and it was getting harder to maintain with the influx of Members.

Yes you can build custom walls inside the template. You can build inside it which means you need to make flooring, roof and walls etc inside the template. Be creative with your office.


Really glad I was able to contribute to this! Hoping to see a lot of other offices in game! :slight_smile:


wait, i’m rereading what you just said, all devfourm members, including new and old, can make a office? This seems very great as i was always inspired to get into devfourms bc of those offices since they looked cool, i am making one right now, kudos to you!

I am aiming to release the unofficial Devforum offices building sometime next week. (April 27th, 2019 or 28th)

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No disrespect, but aren’t you a New Member, and every user on the Developer Forum, New Member or not, has contributed with at minimum a few hours of read time.

Also, I understand its out preference to make our own office. I will provide an example with a game, a game is optional to play. If there is no incentive why would anyone play. If we aren’t gaining anything, why would we join?

No disrespect intended.

Version 1 of the office building, has been released. More updates to it will come soon, here is the current office.

Where are the actual offices? It is currently just a baseplate. Or are you still putting them in? Or did you forgot to put a spawn location?

I finished the office. It should be there? It might be the studio glitch, when you finish it. It doesn’t save to the game, but still in Roblox Studio. You might need to wait a while when I get on PC to see what’s the problem.

Hmmm the same problem is happening to me on mobile. You spawn on a baseplate, and doesn’t seem to be any office building :office:.

@sbob12345m @Billy_BD Try now, you should be able to see the office(s) now.

Thanks :blush: the offices work now and look nice​:+1:. I noticed that you can zoom out of the ceiling and see the baseplate. (Is that supposed to happen???) I’ve been busy, but I’ll make an office soon!