Unofficial Discord Servers for International Developers

Recently, French DevForum members have created a Roblox France Discord Server, trying to create the biggest French community on Roblox which would help people to develop in our native language but also helps people to create new friends to play with on Roblox.
We are mostly comparable to the main Roblox Discord but in French, creating a big, centralized community.

Some German DevForum members have also joined us by creating the German Roblox Discord, and are considering events that would include all countries, for example a “Roblox Gamejam WorldCup”.

We think that this will help Roblox to grow in our home countries. So if you want to join us with a new country, let us know!

Here are the servers already made:

Germany @sonicschall
Turkey @B_arocena
Poland @DevKurka
Brasil @Arcuatus
Brasil 2 @LendarioGamerYT / @BRUNO_HENRIQUELMA
Australia @Lolaphobia
Norway @KrigsSkip
Spain @BoomboxDeveloper
Ex-Yugoslavia @BakonBot (Serbian, Montenegrin, Croatian, Bosnian)
Romania @NobDeveloper
Russia @imaxZulu832
Dutch @ScrxedDev
Canada @MarcTheEmperor @gui110
Greek @ThatDeveloperEvan - Being remade
Bulgaria @teddyHV11
UK @ElliottLMz
Belgium @goldencowboy

If you are joining us, feel free to reply here, and I’ll add the Discord link of your country here. Try to also have a logo similar to ours, this would be really fun!

We also created “Ambassador” ranks, so if you want to join as an ambassador of another country, feel free to join the respective Discords.


As a additional note, it’s preferable to be a community opens to everyone who speaks your language, any players, whenever it’s a developer, trader, roleplayer or a new player !

Here are the current logo Germany & France have as the Discord Logo

EDIT : Animated Version of the Logo since Discord’s Server boost release :


Great idea, for people who don’t speak English! :slight_smile:


Thanks for doing this. Already joined.


This has been a problem on the English server for a while. However, they’re supposed to be adding multilingual moderators in the near future. However, this is still great for native/fluent speakers who don’t want their messages flooded by English ones.

I also love the icons!


Sadly I dont know any roblox players from where I am from


It could be a way to find some of them :slight_smile:


I’ll set up a server for Norway or just Scandinavia in general since the written language is similar. (I’ll do this within the week)

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Okay no problem, send me the link when you are done with it :slight_smile:

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I dont believe that there are many east african roblox players much less developers.

Nobody knows I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

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This needs a slight update :wink:

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Great idea. Ive honestly been thinking about that before and so.

I hope Spanish can be done by someone soon, would love to join that!


Don’t know any other Chinese-speaking DevForum members around but if anyone wants to start one please feel free :stuck_out_tongue:

@Deftlock @CodingLucas Would you guys be interested in creating a Brazilian server?


Could be a nice experience. I’m all for it.

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Hey, tell me if you finally made it or not, I’d love to add you to the post :slight_smile:

This is an amazing idea!