[UNSOLVED] Collision group does not exist

I am working for a game and they wanted me to fix a vehicle system. However, the vehicle system fails on this line

Collision group does not exist.

Even though the line is this:

local PS = game:GetService("PhysicsService")

I am fairly new to this stuff and I am unsure why it is outputting this. Does anybody have any ideas?

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Try check during game testing if collision group actually exist, and what ID it have.

I am confused, what do you mean by ID? I play tested in both studio and game and it returns that output and nothing else.

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Collision Groups have their own ID. For example:
Here, “Default” have CollisionGroupID = 0, and “Blocks” have CollisionGroupID = 1.
You can use this ID’s for setting part’s collision group.

But the problem is it’s saying there is no collision group even though its being assigned on this line:


And its outputting no collision group. What’s even weirder is this works exactly correct on another game, but not the one I am currently on.

Try look at CollisionGroups during game test → Is that collision group ever existing?


Nope. The collision group is never existing.

Alright, I set the collision groups and now it works. Thanks!

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