Unstable Studio

Okay so the current version of studio is fairly bad, I’m losing TONS of work.

Basically, I’ll be typing a script and it will randomly crash.

The only difference I see in this version of studio is that the object tab doesn’t work properly, when you click any object, and type the name of the object you want,

I type “ClickDetector” and get CFrameValue.
I type “ImageLabel” and get “ImageButton”

I think it has to do with the autocomplete. The typing bug is just a separate bug.

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The camera is also pretty laggy in Studio.

Studio doesn’t have the best support for older Macs but it runs as expected on newer Macs.

There needs to be a way to disable Intellisense.

It’s been more trouble for me than beneficial. It keeps crashing when I try and use the command bar.