Untitled Game Game | Version 2 Changelog

Untitled Game Game - Version 2 Changelog


  • Added a Emote GUI accessable by hitting the ‘G’ Key. (Working on a mobile fix)

    Featuring 2 new Emotes, Katozky Kick & Mannrobics

  • Added a Shop featuring 4 gamepasses

    Gamepass 1: Rocket Launcher
    Gamepass 2: Bomb
    Gamepass 3: The Trowel
    Gamepass 4: Faster Run

  • Added Meme death sounds.

  • Added SAUL GOODMAN???

  • Added Owner Only Event.


  • Changed Music Handling

  • Changed Death Screen

  • Ok so bassiclly theres ALOT of back-end stuff I fixed. Too many to write on this devforum post so kinda just expect the game to run smoother

Future Update Ideas

  • Mobile Emotes

  • Reworking the Dummy Regen System to not cause a preformance loss when regenerating

  • Cleaning the mess of this update up.

  • Changing the dialogue system to the one used in Untitled Obby Game

If you encounter any bugs, let me know on the Stan’s Untitled Games group wall!
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