Untitled Heist Game [Looking for feedback]

Untitled Heist Game

Untitled Heist Game is a game is where the player goes into various missions, sneaking behind guards and cameras, or blasting through with guns & explosives*.

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*explosives are yet to come lol

Mechanics & Features overview


The starter firearm (a suppressed pistol) is given at the start of any mission. You can aim with Right Click or Q.



Civilians are a default NPC that are in every mission (at the time of writing this) and are unarmed.

Employees (Bank)

Employees are like Civilians, but have a suit and are in restricted areas. They also have a slightly faster detection speed.


Guards are NPCs that watch over the mission area, and are armed with pistols. Upon being alerted, they will pull out their pistol and begin to shoot the player. They also have a faster detection rate than civilians or employees.


A keycard is a red card that gives access to keycard doors in missions. To get a keycard, find a guard, or the manager (explained more in next section) with a red string attached to a keycard around their neck. Upon killing this NPC, it will drop the keycard on the ground.


The manager is currently an NPC exclusive to the Builderman Bank heist. He wears a gray suit, unlike the regular employees. He also carries a keycard.

Cameras/Camera Operator

In every heist, there is a camera operator. You can deactivate all of the cameras by taking out the operator. The operator is always in a security room with him sitting at a computer. Cameras also have the fastest detection rate at 1 detection level every 0.3 seconds.



You can find lockpicks in a map, or spawn with them. Locked doors also spawn, that can be opened by a lockpick.



Bags are the general loot of any mission. They can be picked up by holding F, and dropped by holding G.



Some game features such as police assaults and pathfinding NPCs are not complete yet and may be bugged. The UI is also just barebones for now and it will be changed later.

Give feedback and constructive criticism on this project!