Up to 1000 USD or 100-200k Robux (HIRING A CITY BUILDER)

[HIRING - 600 USD] Advanced Realistic City Builder

Hello everyone! We are an upcoming entertainment studio looking to create games never seen before on Roblox. We strive to create unique and fun ideas and incorporate them into a Roblox game.
The Team
@username - Builder
@Tuguicraft - Scripter

About The Job

[BUILDER] We are looking for a decently advanced and knowledge builder who has some knowledge in American buildings. We are looking to create a city in the 1949 era. The city is around 3500x3500 studs or more. We are looking for realistic builds and close to realism while getting performance as close as possible.

We have an organized and dedicated trello ready for you to begin right away.

Your job will be to layout, design, and plan the city whilst conversating with the other developers to fit what looks good.

Deadline: 1-10 weeks


We are paying 200 USD for the builder per 2 weeks. (10 weeks total max) Our preferred payment method is USD in any major payment processor such as paypal, cashapp, venmo, etc. Robux can be compensated however at a lower rate.

Important information

If you work hard and get the road layout down by Friday this week I will be paying upwards of 200 USD within 3 days for the road layout.

Contact Us

You may contact my discord: Luca_Wellington#0589

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

still looking

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