[Up to 35K Robux] Interior/Exterior Builder Needed [TAKEN]

About Us

Hey there, I’m an independant Project Manager currently seeking a “long-term” builder to assist us in the development of our map. You will be working alongside myself and another builder which will be working with you.

The Team
@RileyKuzco - Project Manager
@HenriKuzco - Builder

About The Job

I’m currently working on a project to re-create the video-game “Bully” which was developed by Rockstar Games and released in 2006. I am making a both roleplay and combat aspect towards this game and am investing a lot towards the release of this project.

I’m looking for a builder that can assist us in a frequent manner and be able to consistantly assist in building wise to speed up the process for the release and to get a more experienced builder to handle this position so that I am not the only independant individual working on this.

A reference for the style of building we're looking for


We expect that if you take this position, you are able to take some time out of your development to contribute to this project. If you are not avalible due to other commission purposes, we ask that you refrain from applying for this position as I am in need of someone who is able to take a bit of their time to finish this.

  • Applicants should at least be over the age of 13.
  • Applicants should be able to utilize Discord, as this is how we will communicate.
  • Applicants should at least have a year of experiance, with a portfolio that displays their work.
  • Applicants should be expected to be active and ensure communication is active to provide progress updates.

If you have a microphone, that would be a big plus


I am willing to pay up to 35K (tax covered) robux for the assets that are finished up that meet my expectations. Your payment will be based on the design of the build, and the speed at which it is done.

I am willing to pay per asset or upon completion, however I ask that if you take this position to avoid quitting mid-way, as it may cause complications with payment.

Contact Me

If you are up to take this position, please don’t hesistate to contact me through the Developer Forum or add my Discord (prefered): riley#1234


Your assets will be credited within the description of the final game, even if you do decide at anytime to leave this project. We may offer you to stay in our team once this project is completed, and weather you wish to stay or not will be completely your choice.

Hope to hear from some applicants soon.

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