[Up to $50,000 USD Annually] Hiring Gameplay Programmer


Hi! I’m Guest also known as Blu, and I’m a Roblox Developer and top UGC Creator and former programmer and builder. I’m currently building a team to work on an exciting new arcadic shooter within the Roblox space that is aimed towards the young teen - teen market.

The Position
As a remote full time Game Programmer, you’ll be working with our team as a generalist programmer on front end and back end of a Roblox video game title. You’ll need to be an all-round Roblox coder with experience in 2D & 3D vector maths, physics math and object oriented programming with the ability to create scalable systems for future expansions and create fully functional things with the assets we provide to you. You will not be the sole programmer on this project.

The Compensation
You’ll be paid up to $50,000 USD annually.


  • Must be 18 or older to apply.
  • Must have US, Canadian, Mexican or European citizenship.
  • Must have experience in programming 2D & 3D vector math’s that are but not limited to: Physics, Physical Constraints, Custom Physics solvers and colliders, Network replication compensation, Math-based hitboxes, 3D Angle limitations.
  • Must have experience in programming in an OOP style game structure.
  • Have great communication skills and the ability to work well with others.

If you’re interested in working on a new, exciting and challenging project with an amazing team, send me your portfolio or resume via my DevForum messages or DM me on Twitter @GuestCapone

Please make sure your resume/portfolio is included in your first message or I may ignore it, Thanks!


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