Upcoming Game 2023 [Universal Defenders]

Hello Everybody,

I’m Nick and am one of the Head Developers here at Crazy Game Studio.

Our goal at Crazy Game Studio or CGS is to create unique but simple games for everyone around the globe to enjoy. Currently we are working on a game called Universal Defenders which takes place all around the universe. The game is currently set to release in 2023, hopefully we will have it done.

Exploits & Moderation
As for exploiters and moderation issues we will be hiring moderation and have a extreme anti-cheat to remove or destroy all hackers. As you have currency in the game hackers will try to give themself a bunch of Cash & Gems. Our System will register your current data using our data store to call a function to check your data every second. For example: If your Cash and gems went up by more then 50% of current data it will register you as exploiting unless you purchase a developer product or gamepass.

Currently as we just started development today we have no gameplay done. However when we release Universal Defenders the game will have 5-10 universes you can go to. Upon release we will have a bunch of unique and creative features that most simulators do not.

Community & Developer Talk
Want to talk to the developers? Join our discord! Crazy Game Studio

Thanks For Reading!

Gameplay leaks soon!


This is not a creation, it is an advertisement. I’d recommend deleting this post, or moving it to the #bulletin-board category.

No one is going to work for your game for free if you have no budget or funding, that just isnt going to happen. Ive seen a lot of newer devs expect people to work for a % or something, and it just isn’t possible. If you want to try, pay in percent of revenue and post this onto the Talent Hub.

I fixed it, I’m kind of new to this so my bad.