Upcoming Game Ive been working on!

I’d appreciate some feedback for this Single Player game I am working on with I guess you could say a few aspects of The Legend Of Zelda added into it lol~!

These are pictures/gifs that have lead up to today in the progress of the game, I havent got very far because bugs are constantly appearing almost everywhere and I hate bugs and always need to fix them, as of now I just need to make the Deku Stick deal damage without any sort of bugs , I also decided to scrap the 3D modeled player I was doing it was causing to much problems so I just used default clothes!

Anyway here are the screenshots/gifs :

1st - 2nd day

[2nd - 3rd day]

[4th - 5th day]


I am still planning out the whole story of this game and everything so the theme of it is definitely going to be adventure and open world but i’m still making the whole story in my mind!

What I have so far is that the player wakes up in a grassy plained field, last thing he remembered was that we was on a mission to save a girl named Karina (yes this is very similar to The Legend Of Zelda) He doesnt know exactly where she is but he discovers new places and new people who might lead him to the answer, as the player progresses through the game they level up and as they level up they do more damage and its harder to level up, they will be able to equip different type of armor and gain skills along the way helping them complete different missions, and also different companions to help the player defeat his/her enemies! There will me immense amount of locations and different dungeons filled with a variety of creatures that drop items that you can use to get your health back up or keep for later! The final boss will of course be in a castle and you will have to have complete over 30+ missions to get to the end, there will be a cutscene of what happened before the player woke up in the grass field and the princess(Karina) will be in a transparent ball dangling from the ceiling of the broken old castle and I’m not sure what to call the foe that caught her but Ill think of something sooner or later, once you defeat her captor youll be teleported out of the castle and a The End cutscene will play and you will be kicked from the game(after your data saves of course) then once you join back youll have the option to keep doing quests and level up then ill release a sequel


Looks really nice! Keep working on it.


Thank you, appreciate your feedback! :call_me_hand:

It looks excellent so far, the animations are very clean and smooth, The UI looks great, Overall its looking really nice. Can’t wait to see the final product!


looks like it has potential to be front page worthy, but be sure to avoid copyright


This is a Legend of Zelda game, if I am correct.

I advise changing the assets used in this game, for you probably want to avoid getting a copyright strike from Nintendo.

Overall though, this looks really nice so far.


I love the animations! Not to mention the flawless looking Gui! I’d love to see the game fully finished!


That’s incredible. You’re very talented. I’d love to see the progress you make on this game.

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OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL THIS FEEDBACK IM LITERALLY SO HAPPY because a couple months ago I didnt even understand how to script thank you all!!! :call_me_hand:

thank you so much dawg your them man :call_me_hand:

Thank you for the awesome feeback man!!! :star_struck:

Yeah ill try to make sure of that or ill jsut ask nintendo if I can use their assets :call_me_hand:

Thank you so much for this support this is so motivating!! :joy:

Thanks man Ill probably be updating the uis maybe later on im not sure but Thank you so much for the feedback :call_me_hand: