[UPDATE 11-24-2020] Hot Potato!

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Dear followers, new players & DevForum users.
All updates regarding Hot Potato will be posted here :slight_smile:

UPDATE: 11-27-2020

— — NEW — —

Purchase-Stand for the Jump-Coil!

Purchase-Stand for the BoomBox

In-Game Time Reward

Be rewarded for your time in Hot Potato!

End of this briefing

UPDATE: 11-24-2020

Hey, today we’ve improved a couple of UI’s & scripts. And added 2 new things!

— — IMPROVED — —

Improved Bottom-Bar's Text


Updated Cash-Shop with higher-res images


Updated Gamepass-Shop with higher-res images


— — NEW — —

NEW: Settings Menu

This Settings-Menu contain 4 options
– Mute: Mute all in-game sounds!
– Tutorial: Forgot how to play Hot Potato? Restart the tutorial!
– Invite Friends: Invite your friends, socialize and have fun!
– Exit: Well, a button to exit the settings-menu :wink:


NEW: Jump Pad

– The Jump Pad, what does it do?
Easy! Step on and you’ll be launched a couple of feet in the air.
Make a great escape from being chased by the Potato-Holder!


End of briefing

Play Hot Potato now!