[Update] Collaborative Editing is going to be the new default in Team Create

I have to second this, I’m 18 and setting up git was a hassle for me (of course now that it is set up there is no going back, I love it)

I can’t imagine younger devs trying to set that up especially if they are new to development in general


Please no, this update sucks in my opinion. Just makes it 1000 times more harder to manage scripts… :disappointed:


Please read the post before commenting.


Yes I did, but it’s annoying to turn it off every time I make a new place. I would rather have it like you activate it if you want that “functionality”.


Isn’t the first thing you do when you make a new place * is configure settings like HTTP Enabled. It’s not that hard to tick a box when you’re going through and tweaking a bunch of settings at once.

* unless you’ve ascended to Rojo levels and just have your project.json do it for you lol


Good suggestion on opening Drafts widget for Team Create sessions with Collaborative Editing turned on. We will definitely consider it!

For #3, we recently shipped an update that allows committing multiple scripts as a batch :slight_smile: Batch Commits for Collaborative Editing are now available!


That’s not the same thing; this still allows you to break code for other people, since other people can receive batched commits without merging their current changes in any one of those scripts. It’s nice to be able to commit multiple at once now for sure, but it seems like there’s always going to be a problem of the code being broken for at least one person until they merge their current changes.

It’s a hard issue to solve under this implementation of collaborative editing; with Git, collaborators can have a fork of outdated, but working code, until they want to merge their changes. This would probably complicate the way TC works, and at that point it might be better to use git with a rbxmx file if you really wanted to collaborate in that way.


In my opinion we need REAL collaborative editing. Like the real deal.

Right now I feel like this collaborative editing just makes the whole thing harder in general.


‘live’ editing is bad. Collaborative editing, while not perfect, is trying to emulate Git - which is a very good thing and forces scripters to use actual development practises.


To be honest, it would be better if it was multiple developers being able to edit at once. The drafts system should be a feature, at least in my opinion, but not a forced feature.


Update: This is now LIVE! Based on your feedback, we display a warning dialog if you publish the game and have uncommitted scripts in Drafts.


I have to be honest that I do not like this update. I think that we should have the option, as when I use team create normally I’m the only one programming, while others on the game are building. I understand the benefits of it, but it should have an option to be disabled, as I think it’s inconvenient for me, rather than right clicking to apply edits. With a few fixes, this update could be great.

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Based on the thread you can still disable it, this change was that it is enabled by default.

Overall I still don’t love it being enabled by default. It’s an extra thing to change when doing setup, just so that I can continue to use the experience more natural to me.

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I don’t like this update either, my other scripts can’t see the live updates right away so they rewrite what I write causing confusion and issues.

I also think making this a default isn’t that good of an idea (the hassle). I’d prefer something where both people can edit a script at once and see live updates.

To claim that live editing it “bad” is pretty… well… absurd honestly. There are a handful of live editors for code, honestly it’s my favorite thing about Repl.it where I do most of my work for pure Lua code, and where I work with a friend when helping teach him basics of coding.

As all systems there are trade-offs, and most of the work comes down to how you manage your code. It’s really no different than if we are using a GIT style and you are working on something the depends on code I have decided to modify which breaks your code as soon as I merge my changes, except now that all happens live.

This is already annoying me and slowing my workflow down. I launch up studio, paste some code in, and… Oh, well now it takes 10 seconds to publish or even start to test your code, and if I test 6 times I’ve already lost a minute I’ll never get back. I disable it and it still makes me commit the script I was working on, which takes like 5 seconds for only 10 lines of code? Now I have to go in practically every game and disable collaborative editing first thing, which is going to take a while. Even if I did want to use this, it takes a second to just look at the many options and think “Which one do I want? Do I want to accidentally delete all my work or do I want to commit it?” This should be off by default, and only enabled if someone feels this improves their workflow.


You don’t need to commit your drafts to test them in studio - that’s the whole point. Your drafted scripts go into play solo with you.

I’m completely stunned to see all the resistance to this feature, as it’s something that has made my life 10x better since it came out. I am now able to embark on massive systems overhauls and practice a style of coding where I can just jump in and make risky changes without worrying about screwing up the build for my teammates. All the while I am fully capable of testing my progress inside of studio. And If I find my rewrite is going nowhere and has just completely broken everything I no longer have to spend time restoring the game to how it was, I just press a single button and everything’s fixed! It has drastically lowered the engineering cost of major overhauls and rewrites for me and because of this I strongly urge other developers to try engaging with the feature more in this way.


I was referring to my specific case, that some others may share. When I’m testing and fixing bugs, often I will need to test with multiple players as this is a bug that requires multiple players. It takes pretty long to even commit from my test when I made the reply, and I just want a quick way to test and fix bugs with multiple people. There are many different ways that people work and test, some may find this feature terrible for their specific use case. Since we all have different use cases, this shouldn’t be initially forced on us all, we should first choose if we want it or not, not be forced into it and have to opt out. I was fine with this until it was enabled by default, and now it’s just an annoying thing to disable when I enter a new team create.

Absolutely agree. I’ve used git and don’t like the commit features. Live editing is better, but obviously in this case that may not be an option and I understand that.

Requiring me to commit and then save is just another keystroke and a waste of time if I’m the only one working on the script anyway. Do not like this commit option at all.


I think the point we are trying to make that this is okay, but Git + Rojo + VSCode + Branch Control is better, so why would we use this?