[Update] Feedback on game progress (28hrs)

Hey guys, if your really interest in this project i’d love if you joined my group which it will be Hosted on, Thanks!
The group:The Way Of The Wasteland - Roblox

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Okay So ive been working on this game for about 26 hours (total,)
This is an entirely solo project With minor help from
Oh and its a post apop rp/pvp
A few images :


If you want to see the game a tad better You can join it here


Your map looks really good and well constructed, the only thing I can think of is that it looks a bit too crowded and busy in my opinion. There’s so much going on that I am constantly distracted. You might want to reduce that. There is also some Z-fighting going on. (where two textures are in the exact same place)


I have heard of the crowding problem many times and ill make sure to fix it soon.

And ill try and sort the Textures that are messing each other up

Thanks for Giving me feedback :+1:

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I love the post apocalyptic feel it has, and rusty, and elevation to the sand which perfectly suits the post-apocalyptic aspect you’re going for! However the city - town looks quite good I would give some suggestions that could possibly improve your build or you could just take into consideration.

I’d suggest expanding the map certain area’s looks a little too cluttered and tight however post Apoc don’t always have cluttered buildings, however, maybe adding more objects or terrain use to the place such as elevation of the terrain to represent how the terrain changed over the years instead of making it look all flat and plain I believe it’s still in a work in progress build.

Consider throwing some parts on the road with stains or cracks in it or on the walls and some vegetation hanging on the building and around the whole terrain could be filled with different types of objects.

At the moment I can’t enter the game, however I believe the stuff I already said might be added so you could ignore those suggestions. I would try looking at some pictures just to give you some ideas just in case you’re losing ideas or needing help on making your map more better at the start I like the feel hope to see the final product very soon good luck on your project.



I loved your suggestion a lot and decided to try and make it look overgrown in the small town i have

i like the road idea to as the roads are plain.

And the crowding issue i think has been fixed- a little,
(although i think its still a little crowded.)

Thanks again for all the feedback! :+1:

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Small update,so rather than editing i just wanted to comment

Hello again all. i hope you are all well !
I was looking for around 1-3 people who could be testers/possibly moderators for the game in future
(A loooonnggg time)

Payment for testing, No no, it doesnt really seem right to me to pay playtesters,but moderators will for sure be payed in the future

Also i wanted to thank you all for the support i didn’t expect to have 11 likes on an unifnished game, so yeah thanks!

(One last thing, progress on the game as slowed a bit as school has started back up with wednesdays and they started piling up work again,}