Update for the rating & comment?

I’m not sure if this has been brought up, however I think it is a large issue that we should deal with.

As everyone knows, the comment section on games and the catalog is FILLED with spam, and ontop of that, the rating system has ways to bot it to either mass-‘like’ or ‘dislike’ games which is becoming quite frequent in attacks towards developers, or to boost game ratings for personal benefit. Also, the comment section should be a place where we can discuss the games/items in depth, receive feedback, etc, but with the amount of spam and the lack of ability to write more then a few sentences sucks.

My idea is a new way to rate and comment. First I’ll start with the ratings, which also ties into the comments…
When you like or dislike a game you obviously played it long enough to come up with an opinion, if not then you’re just randomly judging the game. We should have it so you’re able to comment why you did or did not enjoy the game, have pop up, this way it’ll encourage players to give feedback more on the game which will in term help the developer of that game. If the player doesn’t want to comment, there may be just a ‘Skip comment’ box.

With commenting also we should have it you you have to click one of those ‘I’m not a robot’ things, or something of the sort. This would immensely cut back on spam and botting. Also with commenting as said before, users should have the ability to comment wayyyyy more then currently, I hate when I’m trying to type up a reply in my game comments to someone but can’t even get a few sentences in without it being filled. Finally I think, like RBXdev, facebook, twitter, etc their should be something like a ‘Like’ button that bumps it up, that way it filters out random comments and the remaining spam; and final final idea is a Reply button. I see tons of users trying to reply to another with @tmir or something, but the reply never gets seen because once you comment you never know if someone replied to yours or not. A very simple reply, like, and updated rating system would go a long way with the Roblox community I think.

Feel free to comment anything else you’d think would go along with this idea, or what should be tweaked about it. Thanks for considering.


It might not be the best implementation but if you’ve ever used “Yik Yak” they have a quite good rating system. If a post gets down to a score of -5 it’s removed.

A better comments and rating section is a must though

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  • I shouldn’t have to spend time in a scam game to downvote it
  • A “comment on / rate this” dialogue box is intrusive. It’s not a big deal if it a mobile app pops up “rate this in the app store!” once, but on ROBLOX, having a rating popup appear in every game you go to is going to get annoying fast
  • A lot of the spam on ROBLOX comments is human-posted. Even if you cut out the bot messages, they’re still polluted. You need to do more than at a captcha to clean up comments
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it doesn’t always have to be a scam game, some people simply downvote because they can.

thats why, like i said, you’d have the option to disable or to ignore

then have a system to auto-detect messages like ‘omg i got free robux here, click this notascam link!’, sentences and mass-posted similar comments as such would be filtered out and automatically deleted

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Your suggestion prevents me from downvoting scam games. That is why it is bad. Other reasons for downvoting games are not relevant. I should be able to downvote scam games instantly – making that harder is not a good idea.

Even if you have the option to close it, it’s still intrusive. No.

If that was as easy as you think it is, it would have been done ages ago.

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Might as well go with the last alternative, just removing the comment section in general.

The only feedback I use is from Twitter.

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