Update From Last Year - Low-poly Tree

So around a year ago, I posted a topic asking for some feedback on my first tree in blender. I took a lot of it and tried again up until this point. I would love some feedback if you don’t mind. Thank you, take a look at them. I am also putting the tree I did last year in the end for comparison.

Tree from last year:


the leaves on the last tree look like mushrooms and the branches are too thin and dont have enough small branches

Thanks for the feedback, I didn’t really make it bold but that was my tree from last year. I was just showcasing the difference. :slight_smile:

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This tree reminds of the ones in Islands. They look pretty similar.

You could add a couple small branches with more leaves.

This really is a good improvement from last year though, nice job!

also, it took you a year to make this tree? were you improving your blender skills in the process or something? :flushed:

It did not take a year! Don’t worry I’m not insane. I just thought it’s been a year so why not just use these as my update models. Thanks for the feedback too.

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Looks pretty good!
For a low-poly tree, this is perfect! I love the progress you’ve made from last year.
The only thing I would change is these two branches right here, they’re a little too thin.

Yeah, I totally agree. Thanks for the feedback, I will look out for that next time I make a tree.

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The last picture was a screenshot from last year, the one’s above include the “reworked” versions.

You definitely improved. Keep up the work. :slight_smile:

use a gradient palette to texture the tree. Overall, it looks good

Great work! Aha but you might wanna work on the lighting in one of the pictures, it made it a little bit hard to see it.