Update Log - Super Hungry Simulator (Re-release)

Changelog for update 0.1!

Re-release: the game was released again! A LOTS of bugs is fixed from another release.

Uh, a bunch of new things…

- Halloween event (will be removed after next update)
- New rarity: Mythical
- New pets
- New codes
- Inventory re-created!
- Script changes
- Developer pet!
- New foods
- GUI adapted for mobile.
- New beautiful builds, created by WateryIguinhomm


  • Pet Inventory bug are fixed
  • New pets are added to the game
  • Legendary rarity! (???)
  • Pets increases food gain per click
  • Can you find all secrets pets in game?


  • Fixed infinite pet equip bug

  • Fixed pet inventory

  • Fixed pet buy bug

  • Fixed pets damage

  • Reseted coins. We’re sorry for bugs

  • Leaderboards resetted

  • Stacking reset fixed.

  • Buy backpack and shop fixed

  • Old GUI’s are so awful, so we put new colors and new designs for clean eyes. You’re welcome! :wink:

Uh, a Machine?!?

Yes, we added a ‘‘Golden’’ machine in game. Craft pets in the inventory isn’t cool because you require 5 pets, and if you have lucky, with 1 pet you can have a gold version, with x2 multiplier! We like to help noob players. So, with only 5 pets you get 100% percent! :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to remember that the game wasn’t released yet!
Have doubts or something? Don’t forget to contact us!